Best Phrase Ever, Courtesy of Brasil

Category: Travel Journal

Imagine if you could blow people off (with the other person knowing you are blowing them off) and not offend them. Or imagine having the 'break up' talk without really having it and without hurt feelings. And imagine avoiding the awkward goodbye "I'll call you" and the uncertainty that comes with it. Sounds great, right - How much would you pay for it? 

Well, all you have to do is go to Brasil, learn 1 simple phrase, and you could be blowing people off right in front of them while both of you high-five and boast an ear to ear grin.

The Phrase: "A gente se fala depois."

Pronunciation: "Ah Jentchee say fala day pois"

Literal Translation: "The people will talk later."

Real Life Translation: 

"I never want to see you again."

"I'm erasing your number from my phone."

"We both know the road ends here."

"I might even defriend you on Facebook."

This is different then the classic American expression of "I'll call you." Because there is probably a 33% chance the person will actually call you. Or at least there is a smidgen of uncertainty. But when a Brazilian throws out a "A gente se fala depois", both parties damn well know they won't be talking. But somehow, everyone is happy. It's really fascinating. Brazil 1 USA 0. Well played. 

Brazil: Home of beautiful beaches and hilarious phrases.