Satchel's Recipe : Guinness Cocktail

Category: Travel Journal

Well, now that New Year’s Eve is behind us, I’m starting to think ahead to the next great drinking holiday: St Patrick’s Day. Today I’m bringing you a recipe for a classic (and super easy) cocktail combining two of our favorite things: classic Irish stout and champagne.

Black Velvet


2-5 oz Guinness stout

2-5 oz white champagne

1. Pour your Guinness into a glass until it’s about halfway full.

2. Position a spoon upside down over the top of the glass, and top with champagne. The idea is that the spoon prevents the two alcohols from fully mixing into one another.

Some Black Velvets use champagne flutes, but I’ve also seen them in stout glasses, wine glasses, and Collins glasses. So I think it’s fine to use whatever you have on hand. 

Wouldn’t this be the perfect drink to serve at a classy St. Patrick’s Day party? Ok, I know that “classy” and “St. Patrick’s Day” don’t always belong in the same sentence, but I think this drink can change that, don’t you? Bottoms up!


Looks amazing, right?