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This product is only available with the purchase of a bag. The price will not be honored if purchased on its own.

Lighten the load at the airport with our new luggage connector system. The Luggage Connector works best with our small and mid sized bags like the Mailbag, Port 3.0, and Garment Bag.

The Luggage Connector is compatible with our larger bags: Weekender, Carry All, Gladstone, Pilot's Bag, but ultimately, the usability will depend on the weight of your luggage, how the luggage is packed, and how the S&P bag is packed. The heavier the luggage is packed in comparison to the S&P bag, the better it will work.

As those factors are specific to each individual customer, we cannot guarantee the Luggage Connector will work well for you with our larger bags. 


        • Compatible with Mailbag, Slim Mailbag, Port 13", Port 15", Attaché, Map Case, Garment Bag, Weekender, Carry All, Gladstone, Pilot's Bag.
        • Can connect to either the large sliding handle on trolley for lighter bags, or the small handle on top of the luggage for heavier bags.
        • Can connect on the hanger for lighter bags, or can connect tightly through the velcro loop for larger, heavier bags.
        • Black matte metal J hook for a secure attachment
        • Full grain, vegetable tanned leather. Certified by the General Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather Consortium.
        • Adjustable and compatible with different sized luggage trolleys
        • Lifetime warranty

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