We design and craft leather products to wow our customers and our customer feedback speaks for itself:

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Map Case 

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"I received my 2 map cases few days ago - loved the finishing quality, so much better than everything else in the retail shops. Thank you so much for such an wonderful product!" - Eric, San Francisco.

"Took my Map Case for a spin today - turned a lot of heads. LOVE my briefcase too - fantastic quality, finish, style. I am very excited!" - Evan, San Diego.

"This is a great, great bag. Thanks SO much." - Lenore, New York.


"I got my briefcase today, what wonderful quality it has! I never need any bags except YOUR'S! And I can't wait next campaign. Thank you so much." - Junichi, Japan.

"Got my briefcase today! What great products you have! People can smell the leather when they come in my office....have it proudly displayed." - Greg, St. Louis.

"I am totally thrilled with my briefcase! Wonderful leather, great attention to detail and a timeless design! You have done a wonderful job managing the logistics process and communications as well. This will be a gift to my oldest son who will hopefully pass it his son." - Thomas, 

"I confirm. THIS is leather!" - Dominik, Switzerland.


"Wow! The bag is gorgeous. Beautiful craftsmanship, this one is definitely a lifer. Thanks so much - you've made a fan for life." - Karen, Dallas.

"Just got the mailbag in Toronto. Just fantastic - thanks so much guys, and congratulations on a great project." - Jim, Toronto.

"Absolutely love everything about it from the wonderful quality of the leather to the excellent craftsmanship. The color is beautiful and the lines of the bag are perfect. I will definitely be adding to my collection!" - Joyce, Texas.

Pilot's Bag

"I have never seen leather like this before. Thick and rich with character, but soft. Stitching and craftsmanship is perfect. Will use this weekly as my carry-on bag." - Jason, Austin, TX.

"Perfect weekend bag. The leather still smells wonderful months after using it. This bag is legit." - Stuart, Chicago.


"Received my Gladstone 3 days ago and, like everyone else, I am wowed by the quality. Absolutely love the look, the fit and finish, the smell, everything!" - Peter, Texas.

"Received my Gladstone and Mailbag a few weeks ago and every day I look at them I feel a surge of pride. These bags are timeless and will withstand the test of time. I can with full confidence say that I will be a lifelong fan of Satchel & Page!" - Joe, Massachusetts.


"Can't get over how beautiful it is. High quality leather, excellent construction, sleek design. Overall an AWESOME wallet. The burlap bag is a very nice touch." - Jerome, Texas.