Kickstarter / Preorders

Category: Travel Journal

Our new leather collection launched on Kickstarter and we were thrilled with the response.

599 people supported our project and we raised about 15 times our original goal!



Our first priority now is fulfilling the Kickstarter rewards at the highest level of quality. 

And so far we are off to a great start with our production. The first shipment is scheduled to ship in November. The 2nd shipment is scheduled to ship in December.

We will make limited quantities of the December shipment available via preorder. 

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    Some other news*: We had the opportunity to collaborate with 3 Austin based companies on a photo shoot yesterday - No. 4 St. James, HELM Boots, and Traveller's Denim.

    No. 4 St. James is working on a beautiful coffee table book celebrating Texas-based creative businesses.

    Traveller's Denim makes high-end selvedge denim jeans from their workshop in Austin. 

    All great stuff you must check out. Here are some shots from the photoshoot. We enjoyed it!