New Leather Collection

Category: Travel Journal

We're taking a slightly new direction with Satchel & Page and the products we create. After about a year in business (mostly focused on waxed canvas bags), we listened to you, and the message was clear. "The waxed canvas is great, but how about a leather briefcase I can take with me to business meeting/court/studio/trip, etc.." 

We will always continue to sell our waxed canvas bags, but we are moving to a be a luxury, leather goods company, with the goal of creating the best leather briefcases and bags in the market at a reasonable price. Thick, vegetable-tan leathers. Handstitching. Clean, minimalist designs inspired by our favorite classics. We can't wait. Here's the 2nd prototype of our Briefcase. Available for preorder this Summer.

We also have several plans in place to educate you in what to look for in a leather bag, so whether you become a Satchel & Page customer, or not, you will make the best decision for your bag needs. We'll be in touch soon!