Satchel's Recipe : Yerba Mate

Category: Travel Journal

Our founder, Daniel, lived in Cordoba, Argentina back in 2003. After a 12 hour plane flight, he was exhausted and ready for a nap. The local roommates had another idea, however - a round of yerba mate. That day started an addiction to yerba mate that continues to this day. 

If you're looking for a clean, afternoon pick me up without the jittery feeling of coffee, or the poison that is in 5-Hour energy, give this VERY basic recipe a try. 

Required ingredients:
-Loose leaf yerba mate. We prefer it with hierbas serranas which gives it a minty taste.
-Hot water
-Cane sugar (optional)
-A mate gord
-A bombilla (straw)

-Fill the gord halfway with yerba mate
-If desired, add a tablespoon of cane sugar
-Pour hot water until the gord is full
-Pass to the person sitting next to you