Waxed Canvas: The fabric of our lives

Category: Travel Journal

Waxed canvas, one of the oldest materials in the world and still used today, is a rare example of a fabric invention withstanding the test of time.  Originating in Scotland, waxed canvas was created by rubbing linseed oil onto clothing. The result was a durable fabric that repelled water. The water repelling fabric rose in popularity by providing waterproof clothing to sailors at a time when the waterways ruled the world. The coated canvas was widely used for maritime purposes because, not only was it waterproof, but it was durable and light. The waterproof attribute of the fabric also made waxed canvas the fabric of choice for clothing the British Armed Forces during WWII resulting in Britain having the only military with waterproof clothing!

Today, wax is not rubbed onto canvas but instead is produced with the oil imbedded into the canvas fibers, allowing the material to truly age gracefully.  Creations using waxed canvas are endless raging from outdoor camping gear to luggage and bag material and even clothing and shoes.

When designing our bags, material selection was THE decision. After testing all kinds of fabric, nothing compared to waxed canvas. Sure, some companies import cheap waxed canvas from China, but the best is found right here in the USA. We get our waxed canvas from a company that has been in business since 1838. You think they know what they’re doing? All that comes with a price tag as it is 3-4 times more expensive than standard canvas and can almost approach leather prices. But we think you get what you pay for and wanted to create the finest bag possible. Owners of quality bags understand that true craftsmanship ages well and only becomes better with time; waxed canvas lives up to the expectation.

Because of its durability and unique character, waxed canvas is our go-to fabric….well leather doesn’t suck either! With a wide range of uses and centuries of tried-and-true testing, waxed canvas, and Satchel & Page bags, will be around for many years to come.