Our Workshop

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This week we have some big news. We are unveiling our 'Workshop' on our website, where we will be launching new products and limited editions. 

The way the workshop works is that about every month or so, we will be releasing 1-3 new designs or limited editions. Each design will have its own campaign. Each campaign has its own goal of how many units to sell. Each campaign has about 7 days to reach its goal. If it reaches its goal, anyone who Pre-Ordered will be charged and the campaign may be extended by a few days depending on the product. If the campaign does not reach its goal, anyone who Pre-Ordered is not charged, and the design will not be produced.

After the conclusion of the campaign, the campaign may be extended for a limited time at a higher price (but still lower than regular retail). Afterwards, it will be deleted from the workshop section on our website and the product will move to our regular catalog of our site at the full retail price. The delivery date on 'Workshop' designs is listed on each specific campaign page. The delivery dates are solid estimates but actual delivery could be a few weeks before or after the stated date. If you are in urgent need of a bag or are buying as a gift for an occasion with a set date, we don't recommend this option for you. We only start production after a campaign has been funded and everything is handmade.

The benefit of our 'Workshop' to you is first access to new products and the chance to purchase them at up to 30% off of retail price. Basically, by supporting early, you're getting an amazing leather product at essentially wholesale.  

The benefit for us is that the 'Workshop' allows us to properly match demand with supply. By getting real time feedback on new products, we can choose the right quantity to make. Forecasting demand and ordering inventory is one of the biggest challenges of any consumer product business and this takes the guessing out of it. 

The best way to find out about 'Workshop' designs is by joining our email list at the bottom of our website and following us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

The first 'Workshop' release will be in early April.