Our Bomber Jacket Reviewed

Category: Travel Journal

Recently, BestLeather reviewed a prototype of our Bomber Jacket. It was important for us to get a 3rd party, unbiased review out there and they are a trusted authority when it comes to leather, having reviewed hundreds of leather products. 

You can read the full review by clicking here or on the image below. But here are a few highlights:

"The initial reaction when you hand the jacket to them is just as I described earlier…all 3 of them said, “wow – this thing feels amazing”. Then, they put it on and each, in their own way, told me I was going to have a hard time getting it back from them. They all agreed that it feels fantastic and fits well."

"My first impressions upon receiving the prototype Satchel & Page Bomber jacket elicited several concise, descriptors: iconic, classic, substantial, and extremely well made."

"The Satchel & Page Leather Bomber Jacket definitely qualifies as a great purchase. At the Kickstarter price of $455 for this jacket, it is a bargain in the quality leather jacket market."