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Leather Salve


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We have developed a custom formulated leather conditioner for your Satchel & Page bag and/or jacket. Can temporarily darken the leather. Apply a small amount (a little goes a long way) by hand by rubbing it in vigorously.


    • 4 oz. container
    • Repels water better and longer.
    • Restores dried leather to a soft and supple condition and protects it from further damage.
    • Reduces the appearance of scratches.
    • Prevents dry rot and resists mildew.
    • Is odorless after applied.
    • Restores sun-faded leather.
    • Resists scuffing and dry rot.
    • Penetrates deeply into leather.
    • Can be buffed to shine or polished over.
    • All natural. Contains no harmful silicones, petroleums, solvents, or neatsfoot.